Robert Bockstael
Robert Bockstael Actor


Robert Bockstael is known to millions as the sociopathic Corporal Brian Fletcher from his years as a leading character on CBC’s North of 60.

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Robert Bockstael Writer


After going through his ‘bad adolescent poetry’ phase, Robert didn’t pick up the pen again for some years when he entered a play writing lab at the National Arts Centre.

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Robert Bockstael Director


Robert’s directing work spans several decades and crosses many disciplines – from stage to screen to recording studio.

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Robert Bockstael Voice Artist


Throughout his prolific 38 year career as a popular stage and screen actor, Robert has also had a busy voice career.

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Robert Bockstael Travel Blog

Travel Blog

From Bratislava to Bulawayo, Nantes to Nairobi, Paris to Porto and London to Lisbon, Robert’s travels have taken him on many adventures.

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