Willow's Run by Robert Bockstael


'A suspenseful page turner about the evil lurking in a small town.'

- Kirkus Reviews


'Everything that makes a book a deeply satisfying, emotional rollercoaster is here. A well written, fascinating story that kept me up late at night, eagerly turning the pages. I literally held my breath throughout.'

- Writer's Digest
31st Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Available worldwide in all formats.

Robert Bockstael

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About Willow's Run

A woman on the run from her sadistic husband in a stolen million-dollar motor home is trapped in a small town.

This debut novel gives new meaning to the phrase ‘strong female protagonist’ and guarantees to satisfy anyone looking for action, mystery, and unforgettable characters.

Meet Alcima ‘The Willow’ Willoughby. Olympic volleyball player. Six foot six in socks.

After a crippling injury on the volleyball court causes the U.S. to lose gold at Beijing, Alcima’s life spirals into addiction and an abusive marriage. In a rare moment of clarity, she escapes.

In his two-million-dollar RV.

Almost across the country and out of his grasp, Alcima is stopped for a minor traffic infraction. When she pulls off the road, the massive motorhome rolls over, setting off a chain of events that conspire to trap Alcima in a nearby small town during a week of violent rainstorms.

Holed up in an abandoned campground, hunger forces Alcima to venture out, where she meets a local librarian, Booker Thompson. Attracted by Alcima’s fearless nature and offbeat humor, Booker enlists a few of his close friends to help her hide from the dangerous man hot on her trail.

Booker leads Alcima on a harrowing journey to his secluded island, where they tumble into an intense affair. But she soon discovers an even worse fate than being found by her revenge obsessed husband. Uncovering long buried secrets about the town – and Booker – she is inexorably drawn down into a terrifying subterranean world where she comes face to face with her fears and her one, tragic physical flaw.

When she is betrayed, there is only one thing she can do.


Sample Chapter..

Willow’s Run – Prologue

Praise for Willow's Run

“Cinematic. Brilliant. I couldn’t put it down.”

CBC Radio Canada 

“This is a novel I want to label Upstate Noir: an edgy thriller with a dark and mysterious heart and a protagonist you can’t help rooting for — come hell or high water!”

Tim Wynne-Jones, Edgar Award Winner, Arthur Ellis Award Winner, and Governor General’s Award Winner

“With unexpected twists and turns, and crisp dialogue, Robert Bockstael’s debut novel is a thrilling read!”   

Heidi von Palleske – Author of Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack, They Don’t Run Red Trains Anymore

“I can only hope this won’t be the last we hear of from one Ms. Willow.”

Billy Tooma – Author of A Seemingly Unstoppable Dawn, Shin’s Shadow & Other Stories

“With a cast of fascinating and engaging characters, Bockstael creates a world of intrigue, suspicion, heart-stopping cliff-hangers and mystery. Yet he does this with a light hand — with humour and well-placed slapstick. Fun and entertaining, with honest insights into human foibles and failures.”

Amanda West Lewis – Author of These Are Not the Words, The Pact

“Willow’s Run is a tight, taught thriller with an intricate narrative and characters that get under your skin. Viscerally atmospheric and skillfully written. Robert Bockstael has made me develop a fear of plastic bags.” 

Rod Carley – Award winning author of Kinmount and Grin Reapings

Pender Lake Press