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Robert Bockstael Actor
Robert Bockstael Actor
Kenny in The River King - Robert Bockstael Actor

Robert has been a constant on stage and screen throughout his long career.

In the theatre for the first 16 years of his career, he appeared in many world premieres and was a stalwart in the regional theatres across Canada.

In film and television Robert is known to millions as the psychopathic RCMP Corporal Brian Fletcher from his years on the hit television series North of 60 – still in re-runs decades later – for which Robert was nominated twice for Gemini Awards as Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Role in a Television Series. He also played leads and recurring roles in a half dozen other series, among them Wind at my Back, The Famous Jett Jackson, Nero Wolfe Mysteries and Our Hero. Robert also appeared in nearly 60 movies.


Robert’s directing work crosses many disciplines – from stage to screen. With commercial and audience successes with plays like Target Audience, Amigo’s Blue Guitar, I Had A Job I Liked Once, Come Good Rain at The Great Canadian Theatre Company, 7 Stories, Chicken Roulette at the National Arts Centre, Judgement and The Mystery of the Oak Island Treasure for the New Theatre of Ottawa, he established a reputation as an ‘actor and audience friendly’ director. After a lengthy hiatus he returned to directing theatre with two productions of Shakespeare’s Will, Vern Theissen’s beautiful one woman show performed by Patricia Tedford.


Throughout his prolific career as a popular stage and screen actor, Robert has also had a busy voice career. He has voiced commercials, television advertisements, documentary narrations and radio dramas both in Canada and abroad. As an animation voice actor, he played leading and often multiple roles in such world-wide hits as Sailor Moon, The X-Men, Robocop, The Silver Surfer, Super Mario Brothers, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Monster Force, Dennis the Menace, The Magic School Bus, Rupert the Bear and many, many more.

Robert presents voice-over workshops in colleges and universities across Canada and he continues to voice video game start-ups and independent films.

Here is a brief sample of his commercial radio work.

Robert Bockstael Voice Reel

 And some Sailor Moon!