Madrid Camino Day 16 – Reliegos to Leon

May 21, 2017

Arrived at the beautiful city of Leon early this afternoon accompanied by my two walking pals, Jean and Patrick. 

In Leon for my one rest day

Sadly, I had absolutely no sleep at the crowded Albergue last night. I was crammed up next to an older Italian man who tossed and turned, snored, talked in his sleep and FARTED all night – less than a foot away from me. It was hot and uncomfortable and there were so many smelly pilgrims. I’m baffled as to why so many choose to either go without a shower or opt to not wash their sweat soaked clothing. I suppose it is bound to happen with so many more people crowding the French Camino – so very different than the Madrid Camino with its quiet and solitude.

I checked into a little family run hotel downtown Leon – it is clean and central and 20€ per night. I desperately needed the sleep and there was a hot bath which was wonderful. As an added bonus, the hotel did all of my laundry for 5€ – luxury. I have decided I don’t need the ‘albergue experience’ if it is going to continue to be so uncomfortable. I am still loving the walk so I’ll stay in low cost hotels whenever possible and carry on to the end – I am determined to finish what I’ve started and my chances are greatly improved if I am happy and rested. I am a pilgrim, not a penitent.

Now, there are always other pilgrims in sight

On top of it all, I have been experiencing a low level pain in my back but it is doubtless due to last night’s horrors. I will take rest day here in Leon – sightsee, eat, sleep, and continue forward with a renewed outlook.