Madrid Camino – Day 10 Alcazaren to Puente Duero

May 16, 2017

Tonight I am in the little log cabin albergue in Puente Duero after a 25 km walk.

I slept fitfully last night in Alcazaren in the company of the two Belgian pilgrims, Paul and Gilbert. I was up and out by 8 am after a little breakfast of bread and cheese, washed down with a glass of green tea generously shared by my new pilgrim friends. They were out and long gone by the time I was packed and trail ready.

A short break on a fabulous day

The morning was cool and walking was swift. I anticipated picking up food in one of two little towns along the way but one actually didn’t exist, and the other was having a Fiesta and most everything was closed. I did manage to cadge a bottle of water from a very dodgy bar, and that was lucky because it’s all I had to go with my three little squares of chocolate and a measly handful of mixed nuts. Slim pickings.

I saw loads of wild rabbits and several deer as I walked through more pine forests, soft sand underfoot. Took a break by a little river by an old Roman looking bridge. Lovely. I tended to my feet, which, despite my attentions, are getting a little beaten up by the long distances. Legs were good today, and I lightened my psychological load by listening to music for the last 8 kms. Fortunately, it was overcast with a steady breeze most of the day and things remained cool.

I once again find myself in the company of my two Belgian friends here in the log cabin albergue in Puente Duero, and we’ve taken to communicating in French and English with smatterings of Spanish thrown in for good measure. My comprehension of Spanish is improving.

There is breakfast here for 2€ at 6:30 and I’m planning to get an early start as it is cooler and so very beautiful in the morning.

My spirits are high and the joy of living in the moment – the so called ‘eternal now’ – is growing daily. I am massively grateful for this experience.