Madrid Camino Day 13 – Rioseco to Villalon de Campos

May 19, 2017

Today I danced on the Gothic Fields of Castile and Leon.

Walked 29.5 kms today, which began in driving rain and freezing winds. I followed the extraordinarily beautiful Canal de Castilla (Campos Branch) for the first 8 kms. It ended at a ruined mill and an ancient lock.

Amazing walk along the Canal de Campos

Next, I followed an overgrown road through a bird sanctuary, then through a couple of small dilapidated towns. I passed the ruins of a castle. Then through the Gothic Fields, the Tierra de Campos. I felt light and fast. The sun shone and a cool wind was behind me. Millions of wild poppies swayed in endless windswept fields. The miles flew by and before I knew it, nine hours had passed and I was closing in on my destination. Following the course of an abandoned railway high above the plains with a view that went on forever, I was listening to David Bowie ‘s famous song,  “We Could be Heroes” when I stopped to reflect on where I was and what I was doing, and, feeling one with the vastness around me, I danced.

Tierra de Campos

I danced alone on the open plain, tears of joy streaming down my face. I danced with tears of gratitude for the life I have, and I danced for those I love and who love me.

A grateful pilgrim

It was one of the purest moments I have ever experienced and I will treasure it forever.