Madrid Camino Day 15- Sahagun to Reliegos

May 21, 2017

A new day a new experience.

A 30 km walk today, some of it along a sixteen hundred year old Roman road where one could walk between the chariot ruts, and along which millions of pilgrims have walked before. Humbling. The breeze was cool, though the sun was hot. I got a bit of a sunburn.

The beautiful meseta

I started the day walking with Jean. Later in the morning, out in the middle of nowhere, we met a fellow named Patrick who was traveling alone. We invited him to join us for the long, straight walk across the meseta. He is a brilliant young man from Stratford, Ontario, who grew up knowing many of my theatre friends because his father is a well known lighting designer. Small world.

The three of us hit it off well – we laughed and talked about life. It was wonderful how time passed so quickly. Before we knew it, we were limping into the sleepy little town of Reliegos where we found beds in the municipal albergue. After showers and hand washing our clothes, we wandered around town and eventually joined another small group of people – including a few more Canadians. We had a ten dollar, three course meal and plenty of lively conversation. I am planning to walk the 25 kms to Leon tomorrow and treat myself to a proper hotel and a hot bath. Leon is steeped in history and architecture, so I hope to start the day early in order to explore and play tourist. I also want wifi so I can video call Catherine and Henry again.