Madrid Camino Day 33 Santiago to Negreira

June 7, 2017

A short 21 kilometres today. 

Final leg – on the road to Cape Finisterre

I left my hotel by the park with a little sense of regret – it was so comfortable and quiet. But with a bounce in my step and in high spirits, I am now following road to the end of the Way of the Stars, following the Milky Way to what was long thought to be the end of the world – Cape Finisterre.  It remained such until Columbus brought home news of a new world.

Beautiful Galicia

Today’s walk was through eucalyptus forests and farming towns. There was one tough hill that rose 240 meters over 2 kms. Up, up and more up. A month ago it would’ve killed me. Today, though I did break a sweat, it was mainly because it was 29 degrees Celsius.

I walked with a couple of Canadians, Leah and Shannon and and a Dane named Carlo. We were together much of the way to Negreira and lively conversation passed the time. Tomorrow will be a big day – 36 kms. Small potatoes to the young Dane who walked 69 kms in a single day last week.

I am in good form and all is well with the world. My gratitude for this experience fills me.