Madrid Camino Day 35 – O Logrono to Fisterra

Jun 9, 2017

I made it.

The fist contact with the sea at Cee

It was a long and oftentimes emotional day.

Left this morning in the misty mountains of Galicia and ended the day on a sun drenched beach in Fisterra on the Atlantic Ocean. 

Start of the day’s walk was spooky and wonderfully cool

I started the walk with my old Camino Madrid pal, Jean. We accumulated a rag tag group of folks all of whom we’d walked with on and off over the course of the past week. There were some tough sections of the walk – 37 kilometres today – but the knowledge that the end was getting close kept everyone determined and buoyant. At one point we crested a steep rise and were met with a stunning ocean vista, an ancient town on a beautiful beach and a harbour with colourful boats bobbing in the emerald water.

I don’t mind admitting I wept along with everyone else. It was a hard earned sight – the hardest. Truly one for sore eyes. This has been an extraordinary journey – physically challenging beyond my imaginings.

Today I have realized a dream and I am overflowing with gratitude.

A tired and happy pilgrim – Fisterra in the background.

Tonight, I will follow a tradition established millennia before Christianity and watch the sun fall into the sea at the End of the Earth.

Tomorrow I will rest and plan my long journey home.