Photo by Emily Ramsay

Throughout his prolific career as a popular stage and screen actor, Robert has also had a busy voice career. Combining characterization, mimicry, and accent skills, he has voiced everything from radio commercials and television advertisements to documentary narrations and radio dramas both in Canada and abroad. As a cartoon voice actor, he played leading and often multiple roles in such world-wide hits as Sailor Moon, The X-Men, Robocop, The Silver Surfer, Super Mario Brothers, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Monster Force, Dennis the Menace, The Magic School Bus, Rupert the Bear and many, many more.
Robert presents voice-over workshops in colleges and universities across Canada as well as running classes in animation voice over, radio acting and narration for the past five years at the Acting Company in Ottawa, Canada. 
Also, many years were spent recording training exercises for a major world bank and he continues to lend his voice talents video game start-ups and independent films.
For almost two decades – out of Halifax and Toronto – Robert was a member of various ‘loop groups’ that provided background voices in Additional Dialogue Recording sessions for episodic television and feature films.
He is currently narrating some of his own work, available on this website.
Here is a brief sample of his commercial radio work.
Robert Bockstael Voice Reel

 And some Sailor Moon!